Global Perspectives

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We’re working across different cultures and time zones more than ever before. With that comes the possibility of cultural misunderstandings, which can stop global teamwork in its tracks. So how can we manage cultural differences in the workplace to create new opportunities and new perspectives?

In ‘Global Perspectives’, intercultural trainer and one of Denmark’s leading experts in cross-cultural collaboration and global leadership, Annette Dahl talks about her experience of helping leaders and businesspeople everywhere develop a common language that transcends cultural and geographical boundaries. 

Leaning on interviews and case stories, Annette Dahl presents hands-on tools to help you:

Talk about cultural issues at work with your global colleagues;

Pay attention to differences and similarities;

Make a fair comparison between your own and your global colleague’s culture; and

Develop new perspectives for smoother cross-cultural collaboration and communication.

With ‘Global Perspectives’, you can develop cultural awareness for business leadership in the globalized world – competencies that are essential for global success in the 21st century. 

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